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Easton View Angus

Our Cattle

The Easton View Angus herd was established in 1998 by Phil Skiff. Phil became interested in black Angus while attending Colorado State University for his bachelor’s degree in agricultural business. Upon graduation, Phil returned to the family dairy farm in Easton, N.Y., with dreams of raising a quality black Angus herd in Upstate  New York, which was a rarity at the time. Since then, Phil has grown his heard from a single calf pair to a herd of more than 100 registered Angus cattle. During that time, Phil has continually researched proven Angus genetics and utilized artificial insemination to raise a herd that meets his high standards and are:

  • Hormone free
  • Growth promoting drug free
  • Raised from birth on the Easton View Angus Farm
  • Humanely handled and cared for
  • Genetically (black Angus) verified
  • Pasture raised
  • Fed a 100% vegetarian diet

Easton View Angus beef cattle that are known for superior marbling, juiciness, tenderness, and flavor, and our all natural Angus herd is raised on a strictly vegetarian diet. The animals are pasture raised and only give natural feeds, such as pasture grass, hay, and legumes, and they are finished on a corn-based diet for true corn-fed flavor. They are also antibiotic and artificial growth hormone free.

Our breeding program utilizes artificial insemination to ensure the best available black Angus genetics for growth and carcass merit. One of the desired genetic traits we target is marbling. Marbling is the fine flecks of fat that are found within the muscle. The more marbling there is within a cut of meat the juicier and more flavorful it will be. We allow our animals to mature, usually for at least 24 months, to achieve optimal tenderness and marbling.

We sell our Angus beef cattle a half animal or a whole animal at a time. A fresh half consist of four pieces and will be dry aged up to two weeks prior to shipping to further enhance the tenderness and flavor. We can also tailor our all natural Angus beef cuts to meet the specific needs of restaurants and chefs. All meat is USDA inspected, vacuum packed, and frozen to preserve freshness and taste.

Skiff Family Farm

Since 1940, when established by the late Bill Skiff, Skiff Farm has been one of the leading family-owned and operated businesses in Washington County, N.Y. Today, the farm is run by Ed, Bill’s son, and two of his sons: Philip and Brad. Four generations of Skiff family farmers have worked the land.

Skiff Farm has 478 acres, 100 milkers, 80 young stock, and 100 head of registered Angus cattle. Philip manages the daily operations and the Angus, and Bradley primarily manages the dairy operations. Easton View Angus’s founding in 1998 helped diversify the farm’s business operations and continues to grow year after year.

While running the farm is demanding, the Skiffs still find time for visitors and contributing to the community. Ed served on the township planning board for 16 years and is a trustee in his church. The family also often hosts kids from urban settings who are brought to the farm by the local library for field trips. They have picnics, show the kids where their food comes from, introduce them to cows up close and personal, and generally expose them to the farming life.

Skiff Farm is also connected to a slice of Americana. Grandma Moses, who lived to be 101 and didn’t begin painting her famous pieces of American rural life until she was in her 60s, grew up on the very land that is now the Skiff Farm.

Skiff Family Farm

Easton, New York

Our all natural Angus are raised on a strict vegetarian diet of all natural feeds consisting of pasture grass, hay, and legumes. They are finished on a corn-based diet for a true corn-fed flavor.


A Family Business

Since 1940

Established in 1940 by the late Bill Skiff, Skiff Farm resides on nearly 500 acres of land in Washington County, N.Y.

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